Devon community radio station 

       TCR radio 

TCR radio Tiverton Community Radio
Just some of the things we are a part of...
TCRTCR pilot pop in the market April 9 2016 .JPG

Pilot 'Pop in the Market' 

Music show aimed at 8-13 years 

first up Georgia-May ! 

CaCaption contest classic cars uffculme 2016

Caption Contest!

Just what is going on here?

After a while of turning the key and shakes of the heads  a brave soul  gave a clear diagnosis...

'It's flooded mate'.


The launch Rick Bushnell and Tom Sixsmith

ComicConcaro%20interviews%20for%20tivradio%202.jpg Description
ComicCondressed%20up%20comic%20con%20big.jpg Description
MarketChris Firth.jpg

Chris Firth Market Manager telling us all about cogs!   Listen again on the Podcast page